She Fell In Love With A Dope Boy 2

💕By: Miss Candice💕

It was no secret that Ryann was infatuated with Cassim. After all, she did take a gun charge for him. In the midst of falling for a dope boy, her relationship with Dinero had begun to suffer. Ryann, with intentions to finally leave him, finds out that it won’t be as easy as she had hoped. 

Trust didn’t come easy for Cass, so the moment he found out that it was Ryann creeping through the bushes, it enraged him to a level he thought he could never come down from. On top of that, the FEDs had infiltrated his organization and someone was snitching. With so many people in his camp, it was hard to narrow it down to who was stupid enough to go against the grain. 

In part two of She Fell in love with a Dope boy, snakes come out of the grass, hearts break, tempers flare, and blood will be shed. But, through it all, will the love between Ryann and Cassim finally blossom? Find out how it all unfolds in this jaw dropping sequel.



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