Pregnant By My Mother’s Husband 3:

💕By: Linette King💕

After killing her own mother, Angela will stop at nothing until the woman who’s ruined her life twice has experienced just as much pain as she has. She vows to make Jade’s life a living hell and with the help of her brother, she’s going to hit her where it hurts first by going after her child.

Charles and Tyrone both know what Angela is capable of so they have to put their differences to the side to protect Jade and her baby. They have no idea where Angela is or how she keeps striking without being seen but with the help of Charlene, they’re bound to get to the bottom of it.

Jade is scared for her life as well as the life of her child but she refuses to go into hiding until Angela is found. After learning that she was about to be double crossed by her best friend, Jade enlists the help of Sydney to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Will Angela finally get her final chance to kill Jade or finally get what’s coming to her? Will Jade lose her life in the process of playing with fire or will she come out on top? Find out what will happen when you read Pregnant by my mother’s husband 3!




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