ILOVEBOOKS $100 Visa Giftcard Short Story Contest


✨& All Upcoming Writers✨

Now’s the time to get that exposure you’ve been looking for and a chance to win a $100 cash prize via Visa gift card! If you’re interested, then  Go to my post &  and my page. Like & share them both your friends. ONLY serious and money motivated individuals should be entering. This could give you the exposure you’ve been desiring and a chance to win FREE MONEY 😜let’s have some fun🤑💸 Tell a friend who might want to enter and share this post to your friendslist on Facebook as well as well 😎 It’s goin’ 👇🏽Contact me here or on any of my social sites if you have any questions.

Submission fee is $5

Send payments via PayPal to

You’ll be contacted by me shortly afterwards via email with more details.

❌Submission deadline is next Saturday 5/20/17❌

Winner will be selected on TALENT & nothing else💯👌🏽👍🏽

✨REFER A FRIEND & GET YOUR $5 REFUNDED✨ Come on I’m making this way too easy for you! Don’t miss out on earning extra income for something YOU LOVE! I’m basically offering you FREE money 😂 HMU guys 💋✨


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