Put Me Back Together Again 2

💕Karma Monae💕

When is enough, ‘enough’ ? Is it when he continues to humiliate you even though you try to see the best in him? Or is it when he gives the other woman your privileges completely dismissing you. At what point, do you walk away and realize that you want better for yourself, and if and when you do leave, how do you deal with the loss of that person who was supposed to be your best friend?
Ashleigh and Matt are at a crossroads in their relationship; At witts end Ash stakes claim on her life refusing to allow Matt to continue his doggish ways, not with her at least. And even though Matt is content on making her life a living hell for leaving him, Ashleigh doesn’t let that stand in the way of her and the sexy Dr. Ryan from taking things to the next level.
Janay and Insane just can’t seem to get it right. While dealing with the loss of her ex, Janay suffers a series of emotions in which Insane can’t seem to handle. With his pride in the way of his true feelings Insane puts his feelings in a bag, focusing on his money completely abandoning Nay, or so she felt. Nay finds herself, fighting against herself, and the one person who happens save her is the least she expected.
In this much-anticipated sequel love and pride seems to constantly be battle, resulting in shattered promises. Do let the pieces lay, or are they able to ‘Put them back together again?REVIEWS




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