Chasing Desires

đź’•By: Kasey Martinđź’•

Chase Johnson is a by the book FBI agent. When her partner is killed she vows to avenge his death, and she’s been after the lowlife mobster that got away with the ugly crime. Losing herself in undercover work was not something Chase ever planned on doing, but when she met Lorenzo Moretti all bets were off.

Lorenzo Moretti is a street wise business man with a sordid background. When his criminal past won’t seem to let him go, will he be able to stay on the right side of the law, or will he let betrayal, lies, and half-truths ruin his chance at love?

This is a BWWM that story contains steamy love scenes, explicit content, and HEA. No Cliffhangers!


“Come here…” Lorenzo knew that she always protested his bossiness, but he knew that secretly she loved it.

He watched her twist her mouth up in a pout, but she came over and stood between his legs. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, waist kissing her belly. She sighed and scraped her nails through his hair.

Lorenzo couldn’t prevent the goosebumps that covered his skin at her touch. He pulled her shirt up and kissed her bare skin. It was her turn to shiver, and he loved her reaction to him. His hands continued to push her shirt up until she got the message, pulled it up and over her head, and dropped it on the floor.

His hands ran all over her smooth, dark brown skin. It always felt like silk and he knew that he would never get enough of touching her. How could he when she was so perfect? His kisses turned into nibbles, and his hands went from her toned stomach to grip her firm, round ass. She groaned, and he tightened his hold as he massaged, and slightly spread her cheeks apart. He couldn’t wait to take her from behind, so he could watch himself dip in and out of her sweetness. Just the thought had him rock hard and ready. But tonight he would take his time, and make sure that her mind wasn’t on anything but the way he was making her body thrum with passion.



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