Carter & Diamond 2: An Original Love Story 

💕By: Kee Nicole💕

Love is a beautiful feeling – when it’s loyal.

The Jones brothers are back! Part one left off with Gio taking their sister Cali after the death of their mom. Will the Jones brothers track Gio down and get to Cali in time, or will they have to face burying another loved one?

Carter and Diamond’s relationship has been growing stronger lately. His love for her surprises and confuses him because it’s just something he isn’t used to. Tia has popped back up on the scene and Diamond isn’t feeling it. What does she want? What is her motive? Will Carter be that one-woman man Diamond knows he can be?

Canon, the laid-back, down to business brother is introduced to a co-worker of Heaven’s and is feeling her a lot. Can Jessica help heal his wounded heart and help him love again, even if her son’s father will not let her go?

Heaven and Cassidy have been there, done that, and are still doing it. Heaven’s world is torn apart when she experiences a tragic event which causes her to push Cassidy away. Will this be the end of them, or will they finally get it right?

Part two introduces a few more of Carter’s siblings and their love lives. All the drama in their lives could either make or break them.





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