Homies, Lovers & Friends 4: Brooklyn Love Story

💕By: Jahquel💕

With all that these couples have been through, you would think things become easier. That’s not the case at all!
Michelle is caught by Thor at prison visiting someone. Is it Tasheem, or is it someone Michelle has been hiding all along? With the restaurant closed, Thor has to make some decisions on what he’s going to do with Maggie. Will he let things end with Maggie? Or will his big heart get in the way?
Kelsie is left with the decision if she wants Milli to adopt Miracle. With Marcus not in the picture, allowing Miracle to have a father figure with Milli seems like the easiest choice, but where does that leave her relationship with Emont?
Milli is ready to settle down and wants only one woman by his side: Kelsie. With Kelsie still with Emont, will he be able to make it work for a final time?
Mello wants his wife back – bad. With Kenyetta in New York, he’s forced to deal with the situation at hand. Even though Patsy called it quits, Mello feels he can somehow wiggle himself back into her life, especially since she’s carrying his daughter. What happens when the shoe is on the other foot, and Kenyetta is up to no good?
Patsy is all about growing and glowing. With her baby on the way, she’s concerned with her health and wants nothing to do with Mello. When an old friend from high school pops up, will Patsy fall head over heels, or will she build a friendship instead? With Mello tossing his kids in her life, will Patsy tell him the truth about his youngest kid?
In this finale, all the homies, lovers, and friends deal with situations that are bigger than them. Come take this last ride with these couples as they figure out if they want to be homies, lovers or friends.


Jahquel is a very talented writer. Checkout the other books she’s written!


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